The COVID-19 pandemic gives many challenges and tribulations in many industry sectors, however, on the other hand, this situation also contributes to the rapid ICT (Information Communication Technology) development across the nations that enforce the organization to adapt their business strategies.

InCoGITE 2021 accommodates various scientific disciplines of science from Finance, Accounting, Investment, Marketing, Tourism, IT & Operation, Communication in Business, Strategic Management, and Human Resources that synergy one another in innovation and economy. This conference will be held online, on 4 November 2021, inviting the honourably Minister of Tourism and Economy Creative of Indonesia, Dr Sandiaga Uno as Keynote speakers, and four professionals’ Dr Arnold Japutra (University of Western Australia), Prof. Roy Sembel (International Business School Jakarta), Prof. Rofikoh Rokhim (Universitas Indonesia), and Dr Nathan Zhang (Oxford) as our invited speakers. 

We welcome students, lecturers, researchers, and professionals to take part in this seminar by writing their experience, research, or case studies from the business industry point of view.
Should you have any questions, please contact the secretariat and registration team by email at