The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt global business substantially. This unprecedented situation has forced many businesses to close, leading to a disruption of commerce in most industry sectors. Many business units from various brands face many short and long term challenges. These challenges related to human resources, sales, logistics, health and safety, cash flow, consumer demand and marketing. Likewise, many industries (e.g., manufacturing, consumer products, clothing, food services, construction, and other business services) had to reduce their workforce to balance their operation. On the other hand, this pandemic increases the usage of technology.

Many people who work in offices and education are dependent on the internet of things, for example, video conference meetings and seminars, teaching and lecturing, e-commerce, and online entertainment. As we are still in the middle of the pandemic, it is difficult to predict how long this situation will give a long-term effect on the business industries. Although we have had several pandemics (e.g., Asian Flu, SARS, MERS) in the past, we still find it difficult to estimate the effect for the long term or the post-pandemic in economic, social and cultural behavior within the business society. The phrase ‘new normal’ has become a normal phrase that shows us how life after the pandemic would be.

Nevertheless, the research related to global business recovery is still much to be desired. We, three universities (i.e., Multimedia Nusantara University, Pelita Harapan University, and Swiss-German University), commence the 3rd InCoGITE (International Conference on Global Innovation and Trend in Economics) seminar. This year, InCoGITE present a theme “Global Business Recovery: Life after COVID-19”. InCoGITE 2021 accommodates various scientific discipline of science from Finance, Accounting, Investment, Marketing, Tourism, IT & Operation, Communication in Business, Strategic Management, and Human Resources that synergize one another in innovation and economy.

This international conference would be the melting pot for business researchers and practitioners to share their studies regarding the impact and the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to invite students, lecturers, researchers, and professionals to take part in this seminar by writing their experience, research, or case studies from the business industry point of view. This would be the opportunity for us to prepare the post-pandemic COVID 19 in the near future.


Steering Committees

  • Dr. Florentina Kurniasari (UMN)
  • Dr. Ir. PM. Winarno (UMN)
  • Dr. Y. Budi Susanto, MM (UMN)
  • Dr. Nila Krisnawati Hidayat, SE., MM. (SGU)
  • Kholis Abdurachim Audah, M.Sc, Ph.D (SGU)
  • Dr. Antonius Siahaan (SGU)
  • Dr. Ir. Yosman Bustaman, M.Buss (SGU)
  • Dr.-Ing. Ihan Martoyo, ST., M.Sc., MTS (UPH)
  • Dr. Ir. Rudy Pramono, M.Si. (UPH)

Dr. Ringkar Situmorang., MBA (UMN)

Vice Chairman (Paper)
Nosica Rizkalla, S.E., M.Sc. (UMN)

Vice Chairman (non-Paper)
Septi Fahmi Choirisa, S.Kom.I., M.Par (UMN)

Chermian Eforis, S.E., M.B.A., CPA (UMN)

Secretariat Coordinator
Ms. Yoannita Alexandra, M.Par (UMN)

Sponsorship Coordinator
Septi Fahmi Choirisa, S.Kom.I., M.Par (UMN)

Secretariat Member

  • Andi Firmansyah, M.M (UMN)
  • Fidiansyah (UMN)
  • Widya (UMN)
  • Bangkit (UMN)
  • Dian Karmila (SGU)

Sponsorship Member

  • Boby Arinto, S.E., M.M. (UMN)
  • Karina Harjanto, S.E., M.Sc (UMN)
  • Dr. Endah Murwani, M.Si (UMN)
  • Angelina Theodora Ratna, S.E., MM. (UMN)
  • Robert La Are, M.Par. (SGU)
  • Doddy S.W. Witjaksono (SGU)

Reviewer Coordinator
Dr. Johnny Neptu (UMN)

Event Coordinator
Putu Yani Pratiwi, S.T., M.M. (UMN)

Reviewer Member

  • Dr. Ir. PM. Winarno (UMN)
  • Dr. Ika Yulianti (UMN)
  • Dr. Y. Budi Susanto., M.M. (UMN)
  • Dr. Florentina Kurniasari (UMN)
  • Dr. Priyo Utomo (UMN)
  • Dr. Ringkar Situmorang (UMN)
  • Dr. Zaroni, S.E. M.Sc., CISCP, CFMP, CMILT (UMN)
  • Dr. Antonius Siahaan (SGU)
  • Dr. Ir. Yosman Bustaman, M.Buss (SGU)
  • Dr. Nila Krisnawati H, SE., MM. (SGU)
  • Dr. Soebowo Musa (SGU)
  • Dr. Phil. Deborah N.Simorangkir (SGU)
  • Ezmieralda Melissa, Ph.D (SGU)
  • Dr. Munawaroh Zainal (SGU)

Event Member

  • Anton Harianto, M.M (UMN)
  • Dr. M.Annas (UMN)
  • M Riyadh Rizky Adam (SGU)
  • Rano Abryanto, SST.Par. (SGU)
  • Esa Theodore Mbouw M.Sc (SGU)

Publicity Coordinator
Arif Setiadi (UMN)

Publicity Member

  • M. Shobri (UMN)
  • MArtauly Pakpahan (SGU)